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HR Consulting Services

Personalized to meet all of your HR needs.

Our consultants are industry experts, each with over 25 years industry experience. We have reliably advised public institutions, privately held and Fortune 500 companies. We have personal experience with nearly every HR issue, and have a successful track record to prove it. 

Our team is dedicated to helping you develop your HR Roadmap and pragmatically implement the best HR practices for your organization.

Talent Acquisition

Quantitative employee management solutions designed to create a business strategy that will help you acquire, engage, develop and retain exceptional employees. We cover every aspect of recruiting, hiring, and developing employees with the goal of creating your superior workforce.

Talent Management

Build project teams with employees from various offices or geographical locations. Use independent contractors or temporaries for contingent staffing needs. Engage with retirees, volunteers and alumni. Identify the best internal candidates for open positions. Maintain a database of valued alumni for social, networking and celebration events.


Complement other engagement initiatives with a comprehensive system to award, track and publicize employee rewards. Use a secure, intracompany private network for fully configurable peer-to-peer cloud-based communication.